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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

GR Scientific Titra-Max titration system

The Titra-Max titrator is used for the analysis of:

  • TAN (total acid number)
  • TBN (total base number)
  • Mercaptan Sulphur
  • Analysis of petroleum products, lubricants and transformer insulating oils.

Features and Benefits

  • User friendly auto titration system.
  • User selectable End Point mode.
  • Compliant to ASTM methods for TAN/TBN analysis of oil samples. Mercaptan sulphur titration method as standard.
  • Interchangeable burette assemblies with intelligent volume recognition system.
  • Vortex mixing system for vigorous and homogeneous stirring of viscous samples.
  • Alphanumeric entry of all method parameters and sample data that ensures GLP compliance.
  • Pre-programmed ASTM methods for easy operation.
  • Two tier password protection, Administrator and User for method editing.
  • User selectable report formats – Titration analysis reports, method parameters, Data table, Titration curves, etc..
  • Full reprocessing and statistical analysis of run data including first and second derivative graphical report.
  • Balance interface for weight data transfer.
  • Data download to PC.


Simple, easy to use keypad with function guide display. Alphanumeric entry of Sample Name, Titrant Name, Identification Number, Date and time for authentication, Customer Name and Instrument Serial Number on report printouts for GLP compliance.

Burette system

Interchangeable burette assembly with intelligent volume recognition system. Simply remove the retaining screw, slide out the burette assembly and replace with different volume or titrant burette. Easy to follow screen prompts.

Titration vessel Complete with vortex mixing for vigorous and homogeneous stirring of viscous samples. Chemically inert glass stirrer paddle. The vortex mixer is located next to the electrode so that the whole assembly can be swung away from the titration unit for easy rinsing and cleaning.

Electrode system

A range of specially manufactured electrodes designed for optimum performance and excellent results

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