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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

King Mini-Rotary Viscometer (MRV)


  • Capable of measuring over a broad temperature range of + 80°C to – 40°C (176°F to – 40°F).
  • Single unit has testing capacity of up to 10 samples.
  • Microprocessor temperature controllers store all MRV/TP1 testing profiles in memory.
  • Unique design is fully self-contained – no external refrigeration or heating apparatus needed.
  • Advanced direct refrigeration technology eliminates the need for liquid cooling mediums such as methanol.
  • Removable test cells allow for easy cleaning, sample agitation and advance sample preparation.
  • New rotor design eliminates possible interference with water and ice.
  • Internal hermetic refrigeration system provides direct, instant cooling.
  • Power-saver feature allows testing profile to resume in the event of a brief power interruption.
  • Internal gas system provides a continuous blanket of dry gas over samples to eliminate moisture buildup.
  • Optional KingSpec MRV Software Package available.
  • Rotor stator rack supplied for convenient cleaning, drying and storage.
  • Safety features include high-pressure cutout and high temperature limits.
  • Rotor stator sets included with instrument. Additional sets readily available.
  • Measures apparent viscosity and yield stress of oils according to ASTM D3829, D4684, D6821*, and D6896.
  • Determines Borderline Pumping Temperature of oils according to SAE J300, ILSAC GF-3 & GF-4 specifications.
    * With available Drive Line equipment sold separately.