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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

Pilodist Heat transfer

The HTS-system is equipped with a thermostat and is delivered ready for use.
Required sources are: cold water from tap water supply, max. 500 L/H, max. pressure 2 bar, ambient temperature,power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz

For demonstration of hydrodynamic and heat technical effects.

The equipment is designed for studying and training of students in universities and technical colleges for studies of hydrodynamic and heat transfer effects and their mutual influences and dependence from each other.

The basic design of heat exchangers is shown in theory and practice. Following examinations can be performed:

  • operation mode “co-current” or “counter-current”
  • different calculation methods of the heat transfer coefficients for the heat transfer in open tube and in tube bundle in dependence of the above mentioned criteria
  • calculation of heat transmission coefficients and heat transition, coefficients in dependence on the above mentioned criteria
  • calculation of dimensionless numbers as Reynolds number, Peclet number, Prandlt number in dependence on the above mentioned criteria
  • calculation of convection heat and radiant heat
  • for turbulent and/or laminar range