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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

Pilodist Sorption/Desorption

What is generally called as “sorption” can be differentiated between

- absorption
- adsorption
as well as the procedure reversed to absorption, called
- desorption.


is recognized as a dissolution of one or several gases within a liquid. One or several components can thus be separated from the gas. The solvent, which is contaminated with gas can be regenerated by desorption.

Absorption is becoming increasingly important for the following applications:

  • separation of gaseous mixtures
  • separation of pollutants from exhausts, like SO2 from pollutants, resulting from the combustion of fossils
  • separation of gaseous anorganical substances (H2S, HCl, CO2) from various gaseous mixtures
  • recovery of organic solvents of contaminated exhausted airstreams (lacquer working industry).


The accumulation of materials (out of gases or liquids) on the surface of a solid state body is called adsorption.

The systems being introduced by PILODIST ® are examples and are especially designed to carry out preliminary tests and experiments in laboratories and pilot plants.