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Respected names in
petroleum testing equipment


On-line process instrumentation originally associated with well known, easy-to-use laboratory equipment, Precision Scientific is now recognised as a world leader in on-line refinery process instrumentation.

Precision Scientific has been manufacturing on-line process instrumentation since the early 1960's, establishing a tremendous users base and the expertise necessary for meeting the latest requirements of the oil refining industry.

Our extensive product line includes automatic instruments for continuously monitoring viscosity, flash point, cold behaviour, vapour pressure, fuel blending, and distillation points. Our products use field-proven designs, packaged in a variety of enclosures to meet stringent hazardous area classifications, in order to provide the maximum performance with a minimum of down-time and maintenance.

Precision Scientific has continued to improve our product line, introducing new, re-designed analysers for Cold Filter Plugging Point and Fuels Analysis in the past year.

Association with PetroSpec through our parent company, PAC, has allowed the development of a series of new On-Line Fuels Analysis instruments. Models for Turbine fuel, Jet fuel, Diesel, Cetane, and Blended Gasoline.

With local Authorised Sales and Service Agents in most countries, Precision Scientific is able to provide expert field service and support throughout the world.

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