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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

Alcor Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation

-Smaller Foot Print, Simpler, Faster Testing
-Standardized ASTM D 3241 or custom testing

Alcor is the only instrumentation specified in the ASTM D 3241 method.

Alcor JFTOT 230 Mark III is the next generation of jet fuel analysis providing for faster, simpler testing. to quickly, easily and safely study thermal oxidation of petroleum-based liquid fuels

Automatic test runs and menu-driven programming guides the operator through either standard ASTM D 3241 test or customized test protocols. Precise, continuous computer control of all test functions and operational parameters ensure accurate more repeatable results with increased data collection and a minimal amount of operator time.

Automated test setup... 20 minute prep time

  • Menu-driven programming for step-by-step guidance through standard or customized test protocols
  • Precise microprocessor control of all test functions and operational parameters
  • Local digital display, serial data port, and printer (printer optional) provide instant access to test results

The JFTOT III produces the same accurate results equivalent to the JFTOT II
Also for Jet Fuel Analysis:


Objective and economical analysis for automated comparison of fuel deposits to the JFTOT standard color code.

  • Highly accurate analysis
  • Ensures test traceability
  • Fully automatic testing
  • Results saved in PDF format


Alcor is the choice standard heater tube supplier, providing superior quality and dependability for your routine JFTOT testing or advanced fuel stability research. Our stringent quality control measures allow you to confidently determine fuel's suitability for aircraft use.

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