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Cambridge VISCOlab 5000

The Cambridge Viscosity micro sample viscometer, VISCOlab 5000, features the smallest sample size requirement for any automated viscosity measurement system available, only 75 l (microliters). This lab viscometer is ideal for biotech and pharmaceutical drug discovery and delivery, as well as research applications where sample volume is limited. This micro sample viscometer provides accurate and reliable results quickly and cost-effectively.

Samples are introduced to the lab viscometer measurement chamber via pipette. The remainder of the viscosity measurement process is fully automated. The VISCOlab 5000 controls the temperature of the sample from 20 to 40C at the discretion of the technician, measures the viscosity of the sample, processes the data, and either displays the results on the unit's easy-to-read screen or sends them to an optional printer for hard copy output.

This micro-sample viscometer incorporates an imbedded Peltier cell to digitally maintain the desired test temperature. No temperature-control fluids or large bath apparatus is required. This enables the device to require only 3 square feet (420 square inches) of lab table space, and is easy to move as necessary. Cleaning is simple and verified through the device's self-tracking functionality. With its ability to measure accuracy within 1% of range, the VISCOlab 5000 brings remarkable new viscosity measurement capabilities to laboratory environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Digital displays of centipoise and centistokes
  • Digital temperature display in C or F
  • RS232 Interface
  • Automatic cleaning technology due to constantly moving piston
  • Integrated Peltier temperature control

Enhanced Features

  • Minimizes product waste by requiring 75l of fluid
  • Requires small amount of bench space
  • Easy integration into LIMS program
  • Statistical analysis of viscosity data

Ensures Compliance

  • Correlates with ASTM
  • D445 Correlates with ASTM D7483

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