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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

ISL Process Microdist

On-line Fast physical Micro Distillation. Direct correlation to ASTM D 86


PAC MicroDist™ “A New Fast, More Accurate On-line Physical Micro Distillation Technique”

Since PAC introduced the Micro Distillation PMD 100/110 instrument in the lab, the PMD 100/110 has been successful. Based on the similar technology, PAC / PSPI now introduces the MicroDist™ analyser which provides a complete distillation run and test report within 10 minutes using only 10 ml of sample. It employs leading research, the most advanced technology and highest quality design, enabling quick, reliable distillation characteristics under atmospheric pressure comparable to ASTM D86.

Proven Microdistillation Technology
The MicroDist™ utilises a laboratory Micro Distillation technique based on the PMD 100/110, which complies with the new ASTM D 7345 method. The MicroDist™ analyser can be used for process optimisation, product certification and control of blending processes for motor gasolines, fuel oils, naphtha, and diesel. Accurate reporting of distillation points reduces product variability and waste.

Direct Correlation To D 86
True physical distillation where correlation model to reference method is not dependent on product composition change (there is no matrix effect). It is important to have an easy and accurate correlation with the D86 method so the results of the on-line analyser are validated and may be used for process control which requires a short time window. Changes in blends do not affect the accuracy.

Results In Less Than 10 Minutes
The MicroDist analyser can provide a complete distillation run and test report in less than 10 minutes using only 10 ml of sample. The results occur in a third of the time of other physical distillation methods and half the time of simulated distillation analysis with a GC.

Certified Flameproof Explosion Protected Construction
Meets ATEX - EX II2 G EEx px 11C T4 to satisfy safety requirements for
hydrogen atmosphere. The big heavy explosion-proof housing has been
replaced by an integral purge system with divided analytical and
electronic sections.

Low Cost Of Ownership
The Micro Dist can automatically eliminate coking in the distillation flask and determine the necessary periodicity of the regeneration cycle. There is an automatic sensing system that initiates a regeneration cycle. The duration of the regeneration procedure is less
than 10 minutes and it does not require the intervention of the maintenance staff thus lowering the cost of ownership by preventing
the need for manual cleaning.

Accurate Testing In Less Than 10 Minutes!
The new PAC online MicroDist™ analyser can achieve the result quicker than traditional methods. ASTM tests have proven that the MicroDist™ correlates directly to D86, using a smaller sample amount, providing comparable precision. Even changes in blends do not affect the accuracy. When compared to the other technique, the MicroDist™ analyser is more cost effective for a single point analysis.


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