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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment

PAC Optiflash Abel/Tag

OptiFlash Tag & Abel is the new benchmark in flash point analysis, fully designed to meet today's expectations on user convenience, quality and safety compliance. Accurately detectflashpoints from -30C to 120C for petroleum products, alcohols, solvents, chemicals, food andbeverages. The OptiFlash is fully compliant with leading global standards such as: ASTM D56 (Tag) and EN ISO 13736 & IP 170 (Abel).


Features & Benefits

  • Significantly Improved Ease of Operation
    • Start a test by following three simple steps
    • Automatic lift-arm for hands-free cup cover installation
    • No need for the user to handle Pt100, Flash Point Sensor, Ignitor and Shutter Drive
    • Straightforward user interface
    • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy Cleaning
    • Simple push button to disconnect cup cover from lift arm to allow external cleaning of the cup cover
    • Remove the shutter without any tools
    • Large tilt angle of the cup cover allows easy cleaning for Pt100 and stirrer
  • High Safety Standards
    • Built in fire extinguisher:
      • Ultra fast optical fire detector
      • Fire detection in an extended range around the test cup
    • Test is aborted when a flash is detected outside the cup
    • Safety pre-test interval to avoid fire caused by user error
    • No sample drops from stirrer going into the heater block
  • Proven Performance and Robustness
    • Hands-free operation minimizes risk to damage the igniter during installation and cup cover handling
    • Continuous monitoring the ignitor performance allows preventive actions to avoid down-time
    • Automatic QC procedure with QC chart on the instrument screen for trend monitoring

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