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Testing equipment for automated
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PAC ViscoSure Process Analyzer

We are excited to announce the release of the PAC ViscoSure Process Analyzer.


The ViscoSure combines the proven Cambridge Viscosity oscillating piston technology with tight temperature control to provide viscosity analysis with unmatched precision.

With internal temperature control without using the traditional external oil bath and associated pump, the ViscoSure is low maintenance with maximum instrument uptime
and low cost of ownership. The results correlate to ASTM D7483 and D445 test methods. The fast and reliable measurements allow for precise and continuous adjustment of
the process, while maintaining a high correlation to laboratory quality control results.


Customers have been asking for this product for years to replace their homegrown, multi-component, unsupported solutions. Based on feedback from industry professionals
who built their own systems but wanted a supported turnkey and tested option, ViscoSure was designed to fill the industry gap, and is the only technology that provides a
reliable, low-maintenance solution to applications like vacuum gas oils, vacuum residuals, asphalt and heavy fuel oil blending (black oils).


ViscoSure is positioned to displace competition that are high-maintenance, as well as the legacy PSPI process viscometer, by being the most robust, reliable analyzer on the market.

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