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Testing equipment for automated
petroleum test equipment


Convenience, ease-of-use, and quick, precise test results – all in a small, portable package that makes it the most affordable cloud point analyzer available.

The CPA-T30 is an ideal quality control tool for fuel distributors, truck fleets, biodiesel producers and users, terminals, pipelines, military, educational and R&D labs.


Cost-saving Benefits With Big Payoffs

  • Reduce fuel cost – ensure proper blending ratio of diesel and biodiesel to meet climate requirements
  • Prevent downtime – accurate cloud point information prevents possible fuel gelling.
  • Blending support – on-screen “blends” function calculates approximate volume ratio of two fuels to mix together to obtain a target cloud point.
  • Optimize additives – add sufficient amount to meet current weather conditions without overdosing
  • Monitor fuel quality – added checkpoint for quality control of product and suppliers

Precision & Portability at an Economical Price

  • Unsurpassed precision — repeatability as low as 0.4 ºC, reproducibility as low as 0.5 ºC
  • Super fast speed — diesel test results in just 3 - 5 minutes
  • Compact, portable design — goes anywhere, lab or field
  • Completely self-contained system — plug into electricity, or use optional cigarette-plug adapter or rechargeable battery
  • Incredibly simple to use — intuitive, touch-sensitive LCD touch screen — just load the sample, touch the “START TEST” button and the analyzer does the rest

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